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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Portal Live Action Video

We all know and love portal a lot and the chance of any live action movie was next to none as it would be really hard to do that kind of game in movie form however if given into the right hands you never know.

So up steps Dan Trachtenberg to give it a go and as you can tell from what he has done it looks bloody amazing and has the chance to be a really good movie.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


We in the gaming world love a gaming convention and during the year we always have the big 3, it kicks off with the daddy of the conventions E3 and ends with the Tokyo Game Show however sandwiched in between them is the new boy in the shape of GamesCom, so for this weeks topic on the VNCAST i asked the nice people on twitter If they had there own games convention which 3 game developers/publishers would you invite and as usual i got some really good response so check them out below.

Rockstar, EA and THQ - well anything with rockstar is gonna be good, thq got a couple of franchises i like and ea to fill up the place cos they got lots

Grasshopper Manufacture (killer 7, No more heroes), Amanita Design (machinarium)and Kairosoft (game Dev story).

Microsoft Gaming Studios, Ubisoft, and Bethesda.

James (VN_James)
Bioware, Ubisoft and mojang

Capcom, Id and then it's a toss up between SEGA or DICE.

Grainger games
We've had deep discussions in our commercial team and we'd have to go with Microsoft, Nintendo and Bethesda

Valve because there awesome. EA for battlefield 3 and Bethesda so I could play skyrim.

Activision, EA and Konami

Matt Cuttle
EA, Bethesda and Nintendo off the top of my head. Sorry to anyone I've forgotten

I would probably invite capcom just to ask them after Street Fighter 2, WTF happened?!

Off the top of my head I'd say Rockstar, Ubisoft and 2k Boston.The last one not so much to show off games but to talk Bioshock :)

I would on invite bioware as they are very progressive, media molecule reppin small indie devs, undead labs to talk about their upcoming zombie survival mmo - because they are veterans striking out with a new concept and ip.

Bioware, Ubisoft, codemasters

Lucas arts. Valve and telltale

Finally my choices were 2K, Capcom and Bioware

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Slight change to VN

It's been a while since anything has gone up on the site and that's down to me not being able to think of anything new to post up plus I've mainly been concentrating on the two shows i do on spreaker.

So i had to think what the hell am i going to do with the site and a idea sprang to mind why don't i just take VN back to the old days where i just talked about videogames instead of adding movies to it as well, so guess what as of today VN will now only be about videogames and very little else.

I know this is only a small change however i think it's a change for the best seeing as i now have a site dedicated to movies and can be found at www.mondaymovieshow.wordpress.com.

This weekend i will be changing the look of the site just a little bit and i might do the unthinkable and post up another story.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday Movie Show 15/08/211

On this weeks show we have the usual box office and DVD top 10 alongside the news and reviews of rise of the planet of the apes, source code, The extraordinary adventures of Adele blanc sec, wasted on the young, mars needs moms and the DVD catch up is exam.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

VN Cast Twitter Response's 15/07

With me doing a show every week i came across a idea, why don't i post up the twitter response i get from the question i ask every week.

This weeks question was, what state do you think the movie industry is in? and i got some really good responses from the question and you can have a little look at them below.

I see the film industry riding the crest of the 3D wave still, it's turned the experience you *can* get at home into something more special. I went to see Avatar in 3D because I knew I wouldn't be able to get close to that experience at home. No matter what your opinion of 3D is, it has had a huge influence on cinema ticket sales. Which is a good thing. Regardless Also - more and more indie movies seem to be getting recognition thanks to Twitter/Facebook etc... Viral marketing made easy.
In summary - cinemas are doing better, Blu-rays are selling better, movies are an 'experience' again... will it last though?
The recession has been a huge help, but as home tech gets cheaper, how long until the 3D cinema experience is no longer unique?

I think the movie industry is doing too much of the same thing. Far too commercial now me thinks.

 I think the movie industry is in a great state. There might be a ton of redundancy in form of sequels, but redundancy has always been a part of any art. It's not like you don't have a choice. In fact there has never been a time w/ more choices then now! You can go and watch TF3 but you can also go and see the new Terrence Malick movie.
Piracy numbers only hurt the dreams of CEO's who think that those numbers translate 1to1 to cash.
3D is debatable though! If it stays the way it is right now it's going to be a fad, b/c it's not a true technical revolution you sacrifice image quality for the 3D effect. A real technical revolution would be the change from 24fps to 48 or 60fps & a higher resolution! Games proof that higher fps do make a difference. If it does on your 42inch imagine what it would do on a giant cinema screen! There is also the question how broadband for everyone will change the media landscape.
de Kerckhove predicted in 1997 that the web will be moving us from an era of replay to an era of remake and if you take a look at youtube I'm sure we're already there. The question is will it be everyone or just a minority?

i think its doing ok, new movies are still making big bucks at the box office, our local cineworld has cut staff drastically though.

These are just a few of the response i got to hear more go and listen to my show here and also enjoy some of the music i play as well.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen The Movie Show

As you might know i do a music show every week where i play some fantastic tracks along with a little bit of chatter and over the time i have done I've really enjoyed myself, however i thought that something was missing and then it dawned on me there is a topic which i love and that's the world of movies so i thought what the hell it's time for a new show that is aimed at the wonderful world of movies.

Starting this Friday i will be doing a dedicated movie show alongside @ahdvd where we will go over the weeks top 10 and also do reviews of movies, go over some news and all of the rest of the good stuff that you hear or see in a movie show but hopefully done much much better.

So please tune in from 8:00 every Friday for this great show.

To listen live you can use the player to the left hand side when the show goes live or you can follow me on twitter @VN_Stuart where i will post the link to listen in live plus information on upcoming shows.

Monday, June 20, 2011

VN Cast Movie Special

I know that i have neglected this blog over the last few weeks but i want to change that with a weeks worth of post and i know you might think this is a bit of a cop out post but i think you need to know about the movie special of my show that will be happening this Friday.

Kicking off at 7:00pm the movie special of the VN Cast will feature music that have been released on movie soundtracks or scores.
However it's not all about the music this week there will also be 3 movie reviews for Stake Land, The Final and The Loved ones to look forward to.

To top things off i will also have two twitter topics the first one being your favorite movie and what do you think about 3D.

So if you want to get involved in the show send me a tweet to @VN_Stuart before or during the show and i will read them out.

So put this Friday in your diary for a VN CAST movie special from 7:00